Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Spot the star

One of the less profound things to do at Parliament is to spot people you recognise from the telly. Some of the other scientists got to PMQs today, and reported that it was the least effective procedure they'd seen all week. I haven't yet seen either house sit, so my score is considerably lower but I have seen
  • Austin Mitchell
  • Margaret Beckett
  • Glenda Jackson
  • Lord Wilson

Apparently Jack Straw and Alistair Darling were sitting next to where we queued for lunch yesterday but I completely missed them. And Jamie Oliver was in Portcullis House for a committee meeting but I didn't see him either. I then lost all my accumulated Eye-Spy points by seeing Lembit Opik. You only get points if you can go a whole week in parliament without seeing him.

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